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Genetic Testing for Fitness & Nutrition


Andy Burke, PG Dip, BSc, Osteopath [UK]

Amie Theriault, BSc, LMT, RA


$375 – includes:

  • DNAFit Fitness Diet Pro testing and access your own unique portal.
  • Written report on your DNAFit Fitness Pro interpretation and suggestions to implement for either yourself or your trainer (we endeavour to include coaches and trainers within this process) plus a 30 minute consultation with an approved DNAFit Trainer.
  • Written report on your DNAFit Diet Pro interpretation and suggestions on how to implement this advice into your lifestyle plus a 30 minute consultation with an approved DNAFit Trainer.

$325 – includes:

  • DNAFit Fitness Diet Pro testing and your own unique portal to access your results.

*NOTE: If you are a company and have interest in offering this as a service, please call and ask for Andy or Amie.


Santi Holistic Healing is excited to be working with DNAFit, one of the worlds leading Genetic Testing companies in assessing your own unique DNA.

How Genetic Testing Can Help

Our DNAFit Trainers will help you learn how you utilize this new science to gain a more clear understanding of your individual bodies potential for exercise and nutritional optimization.

What You Will Learn About Your FITNESS:

  • Which percentage of power VS endurance training is best for you
  • Your aerobic potential (natural VO2 Max capacity)
  • Your individual recovery speed from exercise
  • Your body’s Injury risk associated with training
  • Your optimal nutrients pose-exercise for recovery

What You Will Learn About Your NUTRITION:

  • Your sensitivity to carbohydrates, saturated fat, caffeine, salt
  • Your need for antioxidants, omega-3, vitamin B & D
  • If you are lactose tolerant, or not
  • If you have a predisposition to coeliac disease, or not
  • Your optimal daily intake of various vitamin & minerals

Each person who takes the DNAFit test will have access to their own online portal giving them their results and additional information for fitness and diet genes. As DNAFit continues to research different genes and their interaction with fitness and diet, your online profile will continue to be updated for the lifetime of your DNAFit test….so you wont miss out on new developments and how these might relate to you!

Why DNAFit?

DNAFit is an established UK based company that over the last few years have won many awards for their leading innovative work in the field of DNA testing for fitness and diet profiles. After several years of researching this area, DNAFit were chosen as a partner because of their depth of research, and on going research, into the application of DNA testing in fitness and diet. The quality assurance of the labs they use for testing, and the number of SNPs they test, is in our opinion, more applicable to our clients than many other companies’ products in this field.  DNAFit adhere to a strict scientific standard, underpinned by their industry leading code of practice, so we know the information you’re getting is the best there is. This measured approach is why DNAFit is the most respected provider of fitness and nutrition genetics worldwide, and it’s the reason customers such major health gyms, professional sports teams and even the military put their confidence in DNAFit.

“DNAFit require a minimum of three peer reviewed studies to include a SNP. These studies also need to be done in humans. Other companies don’t have the same criteria; if you look at their reference lists you will see a number of studies conducted in mice and rats. This strict criteria allows DNAFit to ensure that the SNPs we select, and hence the advice we give, is of high quality. 

Secondly, DNAFit are the first and only sports genetic testing company to show that their information has validity, as per the papers we have published and continue to publish. So, we can be confident that using the DNAFit report will improve the training programs for people, because it’s been tested. We can’t say the same for other companies.”

Dr. Craig Pickering, Science Advisor DNAFit

Many of us go through a lifetime trying different diets and whichever ‘en-vogue’ eating style is currently in the press or on the internet. You may find yourself wondering – should I try low fat, paleo, low carb, food combining and so forth. The same goes for our exercise routines – should I be lifting weights, do more endurance, incorporate circuits and how much of each is best for me? Why do I get injured and how can I help prevent it? DNAFit can help answer these questions and bring you closer to reaching your health & wellness goals.

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