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Soma Massage Therapy


Amie Theriault, BSc, LMT, RA

Andy Burke, BSc, LMT, Osteopath [UK]

Joe Hayes, LMT


Individual Sessions

1/2 Hour: $85                         
1 Hour: $150                      
1 1/2 Hours: $210               

Package of 5 Sessions

1/2 Hours: $325 ($65 each)                        
1 Hours: $575 ($120 each)                        
1 1/2 Hours: $825 ($165 each)                        


This massage technique is based on European Osteopathic principles aimed at correcting posture, joint proprioception and soft tissue dysfunction. We utilize postural assessments and proprioceptive exercises as well as hands on soft tissue techniques. Please come dressed in comfortable clothing, such as a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

‘Soma’ (body) ‘therapy’ is an intervention developed by leading Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer of France. Utilizing his previous background as a World Champion Jujitsu player, his experience as a coach and Athletic Trainer and Osteopathic and MD education, Dr. Voyer developed as series of therapy interventions aimed at normalizing the bodies joint and fascial system, with reinforcement of movement patterns using specific exercises.

This powerful, non-invasive treatment paradigm uses hands on therapy to help alleviate areas of dysfunction within the body, reinforcing the correct movement with a series of specific exercises to allow the body to move towards healing itself by improving joint function, fascial integrity, blood flow and muscular coordination.